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August 23, 2004

The story in a few facts

"Why are the French institutions dead set against Mr Jacquet, who seems to know too much?
Couldn't it be to hide some major defects of the Airbus technology? Then, why?

Lies concerning defects related to Airbus technology

What follows is a translation of the page “L'histoire... en quelques faits” (The story in a few facts) on line since August 2004, with an addendum at the end. Only some appendices and some comments, with their links, are translated into English (work in progress). Sorry, in my situation I cannot do better.


My name is Norbert Jacquet. I was a Boeing 747 pilot for Air France. After the accident of the Air France Airbus A 320 in Habsheim, in Alsace, France, on June 26, 1988, I founded a labor union which took a stand regarding this accident, questioning the official version (press). I was 38 years old at the time.

The French authorities declared me insane. I was removed from flight duty. The French Aviation Authority revoked my pilot's license. I was fired from Air France with no compensation, despite the fact that psychiatrists I consulted, and even those forced on me, could find no evidence of any mental disorders (including 3 internationally recognized professors: Jean-Francois Allilaire, Serge Brion and Henri Loo). Their professional opinions have not been contested.

I then became the victim of an unusual and unrelenting campaign of certain organizations [Update May 2008 : Channel 4, September 1990, Equinox (excerpts, wmv file), The Observer, May 1989 (gif file) and other newspaper articles and TV shows].

Another A 320 incident, also in Alsace, at Mont Sainte-Odile on January 20, 1992, resulted in a similar scenario as the Habsheim incident, namely lies put forth by the French Government... which I also denounced.

In September 1994, I published a book which told the facts clear and simple. Maybe I stepped on a few too many feet. But everything I wrote was authentic. All of my statements were based on clearly identified documents, some of which were shown in the annex of the book. However, it wasn't the complete truth. The entire truth would have been too much to swallow, much too great!

After this publication, I kept a low profile, content to defend myself against personal attacks, including: a campaign to completely discredit me, legal action, even physical assault! I thought the best policy was to just submit to these attacks in order to subsequently prove the facts.

After my book came out, different events confirmed the validity of my stance.

In 1992, well before the publication of my book, I accused a French Minister in the Alsacian press (Mr. Mermaz) of having personally intervened by fraudulently manipulating the flight recorders of the Airbus in Habsheim. Mermaz filed a personal lawsuit against me. The French Minister of Justice, Mr. Vauzelles, referred the case to the Public Prosecutor's Office, and requested legal proceedings. Mermaz lost the trial. He appealed the case. In my book, I go over the pending legal proceedings, maintaining my accusations against this minister, even developing and reinforcing them further. The appeal took place at the time my book was published. Mermaz capitulated and withdrew his appeal (press and decision of the Court of appeals of Colmar). The outcome of the Mermaz trial wasn't mentioned at all by the French Press Agency (AFP), nor did the AFP even comment on my book, which had brought a French minister to his knees! Afterwards, despite two lawsuits against me due to signed complaints certain Ministers filed against my book, AFP didn't even mention the existence of the book! As for Mermaz, after withdrawal of his appeal, he continued to keep silence. The balloon deflated (exchange of letters with Mermaz).

Mermaz wasn't the only one! Another lawsuit, targeting my book this time, ended with the Administration capitulating. I had quoted the names of forgery accomplices in the book, detailing the role of each one. All of these “high and mighty” ended up completely crushed (press), this despite numerous defense handicaps in the defamation trial, as well as my own personal situation (unemployed, no financial means, isolation, no lawyer, and a fierce smear campaign against me). My case is watertight simple, straightforward, easily understood by all. My case has become a wall against which the highest levels of Socialist France keep banging their heads!

The Institute of Scientific Law Enforcement and Criminology of Lausanne (IPSC), an internationally recognized Swiss institute, confirmed that I was right from the very beginning. Falsified flight recorders had indeed been substituted (press).

As to the Airbus A 320 accident at Mont Sainte-Odile, the investigation also eventually proved that I was correct. Shortly after the accident, I'd indicated that investigators were lying by stating that the aircraft itself was not at fault. I gave all possible technical explanations for the real cause of the crash. I informed some victims' families (press). I followed up on these analyses in my book (Chapter 7, as well as p. 104 and pp. 107-111). Subsequent assessments validated my analyses. (Documents showing the evolution of expert opinions - Note: Some documents are actually quite recent; however, I'd previously received information detailing groundwork of aircraft defects reports).

Note: The continuation of this English version was made by me, using a free translation engine on Internet. Sorry, in my situation I cannot do better.

One can also add the false airline pilot licenses. Incredible. On two occasions, the authorities gave a false airline pilot license to Asseline, who was flying the crashed Airbus in Habsheim. The facsimiles of these fakes were published, with the signatures and the names of the forgers (press). It is ludicrous. I transmitted these, with some comments, to judge Guichard, who was in charge of the two investigations on the two air disasters, still in progress at this time, to the public prosecutor's office in Colmar (in Alsace), to the public prosecutor's office in Paris, and also in higher place. General silence was the answer. The forgers are well protected. I was even locked up in jail, to preserve their protection!

In spite of these facts, and others, which confirmed the validity of my analyzes, I was subsequently the victim of incredible methods.

I was jailed for six months in the prison of Fresnes, then two months in a psychiatric ward for difficult patients (press). Life conditions in such a psychiatric institution are torture. I do not exaggerate. It is difficult to imagine life in such a place. There were only three of these special wards in France, for five hundred patients altogether. Easy to imagine what kind of hell life can be in there.

I was again imprisoned for five months in Alsace on false charges (press). The office of the public prosecutor finally gave up at the Court of appeal in spite of my requests to be judged by this court. The office of the public prosecutor capitulated, voluntarily letting the three years prescription period run out (letters).

Since the beginning I underwent many psychiatric assessments. They all noted the absence of disorders. Only exception, Mr Bricout, well known and often denounced for his “Soviet” assessments (according to him, I would have been paranoiac, incurable, etc). Some experts even underlined my psychic stability facing the undergone aggressions.

But, in spite of these assessments, the socialist government persisted. I have been again locked up in psychiatry (press). I ran away and I was actively sought-after (email from Mr. Lefebvre, lawyer in Strasbourg, and press release sent to the AFP).

In 2003, I underwent a new confinement for one month in the prison of Fresnes (order of confinement.). This finished to destroy my life. I am in the street and I am a tramp since the beginning of October 2003.

Mr. Carbon de Seze, a remarkable specimen of a dishonest lawyer, did everything he could, while he was in charge of my defense, to wreck my life definitely. He fooled me and took me for a ride, letting me simmer for eight month in total destitution, before lying to me crudely, finishing the destruction process (messages exchanged with him) (In few words, he sabotaged my defense giving me false informations and hiding what could be constructive).

The president of the Bar of Paris and the Council of the bar oppose me an obstinate silence (my last message to them). I asked the president of the national Council of the bars, the president of the Conference of the presidents of the Bar, the national Confederation of the lawyers and the Union of the lawyers of France to intervene so that somebody answers me, while underlining that the reputation of the corporation was at stake. No result.

The conclusion of the story is simple: I am 54 years old, I am crippled with debts (100,000 dollars just for public or assimilated organizations) and my only future is to be a tramp!

Paris, August 23, 2004.

Addendum, December 11, 2005: The lawyers, the president of the Bar, the judicial services, the Office of the Minister of Justice, the Office of the Prime Minister and the European court of human rights still refuse to answer me. I wrote to them again to say that their attitude is the perfect confirmation that they want to hide major defects in the Airbus technology (letter).

The French press agency (AFP), as well as most French medias are informed (list)

Update, March 15, 2007: My business is becoming known out of France. Then, what are the French authorities doing? They are ordering me in a psychiatric hospital! Why do they act this way? Isn't it to try to hide serious Airbus technology defects? Can they fool someone?


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